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has many functions. With this app You can call a different mouse click, write text, open the website (url), restart the computer at a specified time. Its fully programmable. Just create a list of commands and invoke them in multiple cycles.


- No installation required (zip, only extract and place where You want),
- Fully programmable (many options when adding a new operation),
- Handling mouse clicks (single, double, clicks the right mouse button, select the area left and right mouse button),
- Performed in a single operation cycle can be run periodically, alternately and randomly, it is possible to use conditional statements,
- Supports conditional statement (study clipboard, tab processes - checkClipBoard; textToCompare; lineIfTrue; lineIfFalse, before the call to select and copy an item: calling ^ {c} in the options keyboard),
- Supports keyboard - writing, calling the various configurations of keys, such as CTRL + SHIFT + or, copy to clipboard,
- Run external applications,
- Support for shutdown and reboot the system shutdown process with a given name,
- Support of sounds,
- Supports keyboard shortcuts,
- The possibility of minimizing the program to the system tray,
- Built in reminder.
... And much more.

Download the free version CLICKER with limitations. The maximum number of operations in the cycle: 4
WARNING: application requires Microsoft Framework 2.0. Download »

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If you like the free version of the program, feel free to forward symbolic grants. As a reward I have for you Clicker PRO version.

Link to this version can only be obtained after the grant in the amount: 4EUR or 5USD . Before you donate, make sure the free version suits your needs. After payment, please let us know via email: to send a link to the program (please be patient here, I'm not always at the computer). Do not share this program and don't publish a link to the program on other websites.

The only differences compared to the free version:
• no limit on the operation,
• no splash screen,
• no 2 Second Delay when starting list of operations.

The data for transfer:

Grzegorz Mistewicz
17 1140 2004 0000 3202 5454 5419
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