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2015-10-08 11:26:06
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Samsung android - włączenie opcji do zarządzania dźwiękiem dla kamery w menu [TEMAT ZAMKNIĘTY]

Root access required of course, and I used Root Explorer to do the following:

In Root Explorer, navigate to the following location:

/system/csc and look for a file called \'others.xml\'.

Long-press on this file and select \'Open With\', and then select \'Text Editor\'.
Scroll all of the way to the end and look for the following:


Insert the following line just before the code.

CscFeature_Camera_ShutterSoundMenu true CscFeature_Camera_ShutterSoundMenu

Then pressing the \'Back\' button will automatically save the file and back-up the original in the folder.
Restart your phone.
Now when you go into the camera, tap on the settings, so you get camera settings, video settings, and the general settings in a pop-up, press the settings icon/tab and scroll down and you can now select to toggle the sound on/off (second-last option).


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